2024-2025 School year enrollment has begun!

First Day of School – August 19, 2024

Yearly Tuition Costs

Grade Tuition Range (co-op vs. full tuition)

K-2  $3,510 – $3,795

3-6  $3,510 – $3,795

7-8  $3,780 – $4,345

Registration fee: $295 per returning student; $325 per first-year student (required to enroll and covers curriculum costs, etc.)

This year we have a waiting list for approved applicants, so registering early will help ensure your student is on the roster! Please fill out the enrollment form below (click here to download a printable PDF application), or pick up an enrollment form from our office!  Thankfully we have many volunteer opportunities and we are still offering co-op tuition to families who are signed up for a specific task. Please see the above yearly tuition rate above which is based on a 10-month school year.

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