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Beacon Academy is a Classical Christian School, serving Bartlesville Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. We are presently enrolling students grades K-8.


Training generations to articulate TRUTH and defend the hope within them.


To provide every student with:

  • A comprehensive education exemplifying academic excellence based upon a classical model.
  • Tools to acquire (grammar), process (logic), and articulate (rhetoric) knowledge from a Biblical world view.
  • A curriculum firmly rooted in God‘s Word so that students can become stewards of knowledge, glorifying God and excelling in every duty and calling.


Grammar:  Saxon Math, Spell to Write & Read (SWR); IEW Composition, Shurley Grammar, Veritas Press History & Bible, Latin for Children
Logic:  Westminster Shorter Catechism, Saxon Math, IEW Composition, The Art of Argument, Fallacy Detective, Starting Points, Mapping the World with Art

Distinctively Classical

An education at Beacon Academy is classical in both structure and form as well as in the content of the studies. We base our educational approach upon the classical teaching model known as the Trivium. By dividing the educational life of the child into three stages we emphasize the student‘s natural capacity for certain types of learning at each different stage.

The GRAMMAR stage is characterized by the student’s amazing ability to memorize large quantities of information, combined with their love of singing and chanting. At this stage, our primary focus is the acquisition of the basic facts and principles of any given subject.

The LOGIC stage is characterized by the student’s curiosity and desire to challenge. At this stage, we teach formal reasoning skills: analysis of relationships between given divisions of information.

The RHETORIC stage is characterized by the student’s continued development toward adulthood and maturity. At this stage, students are encouraged to fully synthesize that which they have learned, creating and expressing independent thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Though the Trivium represents specific stages of development, we also strive, at all levels, to develop in the student: a body of knowledge essential to educated men and women of the Post-Reformation western world; sound reasoning skills; and the capacity for beauty and clarity of expression. Therefore, the grammar, logic and rhetoric of each subject is incorporated on a daily basis.

Distinctively Christian

Beacon Academy is foremost Christian. Beacon provides an education fully integrating the Word of God into its substantive curriculum and teaching that all life, knowledge and meaning extend from the Creator.

Our Christianity is more than simply a religion class among many classes: it is a commitment to presenting the Lord as the One in whom all knowledge is united.

Central to this is the view that all subjects, be they history, art, music, mathematics, or science, must be taught in the light of God‘s existence and His revelation to humanity through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Moreover, we recognize that Beacon Academy operates as an extension of the family, the ultimate unit in God‘s plan for the education of children. Believing that God has designed us to learn in community, and that through our combined gifts, talents and abilities we form yet another body in the Family of Christ, we are committed to a cooperative model, and encourage parental participation to whatever degree each is able.

A Cooperative Christian Community

As interdependent members of the body of Christ, the families of Beacon Academy believe:

  • That God’s calling is His enabling. God has given us, as parents, the responsibility to train our children. He promises to provide the means to accomplish this end.
  • That God gives gifts to His Body to accomplish His work. The Body of Christ is uniquely gifted to accomplish the work of God when we work interdependently. As each member is faithful to use their gifting in serving the needs of the group, God divinely provides for all our needs to be supplied.
  • That we do our best work in community. We can do far more and far greater works when we pool our gifts and resources to the glory of God and the building up of one another. At Beacon Academy, these beliefs show in our structure and daily operations. Each family contributes to the overall organization based upon their family needs and spiritual gifts. This helps to build an intimate, family atmosphere at Beacon as we strive to serve families and keep our tuition cost affordable.

Philosophy of Education

Our commitment at Beacon Academy comes from a firm understanding of the nature of our calling as servants of God, leaders, educators, and parents.

Our intent is to help families achieve generational faithfulness to Christ by viewing our educational process as an all-embracing integration of Christianity into every branch of life.

The Bible is at the center of our thinking, as we educate our children in the Scriptural mandate of casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

Acknowledging and embracing the sovereignty of God, we endeavor to build mature individuals, great souls serving a great God. We are committed to a revival of the Christian intellectual tradition, recapturing a vision of education that is at once, both academically thorough (well versed in the history, culture and traditions of Western Civilization), and fully submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

It is our goal to develop students for life, who can comprehend, appreciate and articulate the great traditions, issues and antithesis of Western thought and life with a well-argued, consistent Christian worldview.

At Beacon Academy, we seek to accomplish this task through the classical model of the Trivium. This model is comprised of three phases of learning, grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Although ancient, these are merely new labels for the Biblical concepts of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

We believe that God has ordered all learning to involve these steps: gathering information (grammar/knowledge); analyzing and evaluating the ordered relationship of such information by sound reasoning (logic/understanding), and appealing and persuasive presentation of fully synthesized findings (rhetoric/wisdom).

We believe that this model cuts with the grain of how all have been created to learn.

We believe that these stages coincide with a child‘s natural inclinations and tendencies from a developmental standpoint. During their early years, children are able to memorize large quantities of information and are sponges for facts and data (grammar/knowledge).

The child in his early teens is prone to constant questioning and challenging (logic/understanding). The child fast approaching adulthood desires independence and seeks to express himself in a creative manner (rhetoric/wisdom).

We recognize the frame by which the child has been created, and seek to tailor our curriculum accordingly.

Further, we believe that content or subjects are the means by which the more important principles or tools of learning are taught.

Our desire is to provide students with the tools of how to learn. Therefore, the concept and progression of gathering information, sound reasoning, and eloquent and effective presentation are emphasized at all levels throughout the curriculum.

A classical education gives a student the opportunity to develop the depth and breadth of experience that are foundational to true wisdom. This comprehensive approach to education provides students with a unified education. History is related to English. Biology is related to Philosophy. The Arts are related to the Sciences. All disciplines are understood to be an integrated whole with Jesus Christ as its center.

Education is a completely religious endeavor. Because all truth derives ultimately from God, His Creation is coherent, personal, and purposeful.

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